Sunday, 2 February 2014

Amy's Quilt

At long last I have finished Amy's quilt.  It was started a few years ago at a workshop taken at Quorn Country Crafts in Loughborough

The pattern is called Around the World, Amy went to the shop a few days before the workshop and chose the fabrics, however when I came to start the main fabric that she had chosen wouldn't work in the quilt as the pattern would have been lost when cut into small rectangles.  I therefore used this for the binding and to make a large cushion cover to go with the quilt.

The quilt top when finished went into my UFO box for quite a while and it was only when she knew she'd been accepted in to University last August that she said "Mum do you think I could have my quilt for Uni"

Feeling guilty as you do I found it out the box and set to with the quilting, wanting to do something other than straight lines I drew around a dinner plate starting in the centre and working out and got 49 circles over the whole quilt and have hand quilted them all. 

Binding on I finished sewing it at my quilting group last Thursday and must say I'm rather pleased.

Its on her bed waiting for the next weekend she comes home, I hope she likes the finished product.


  1. WOW Janet that must of took some time its absolutely fabulous xx

  2. Lovely quilt Janet, and a great sense of achievement on your finish - Amy is sure to be thrilled. What a shame I wasn't at sewing on Thursday evening - a missed opportunity to see Amy's quilt up close.

  3. What a stunning present, your daughter will be delighted. I expect it will become quite the family heirloom. You should be very proud of your fabulous work.