Thursday, 4 April 2013

Book of Memories

Last October I attended a workshop run by Cosby Quilters

It was with Viv Denscombe and was called a book of memories 

It was to produce a fabric book which would hold tags and different things, I decided to use photo's of the 4 generations of my family - Grandmother (Doris Loseby), Mother (Pauline Marshall), Me (Janet Mansfield) and my 3 Daughters (Laura, Rebecca & Amy Mansfield)

The fabric was bonded together with vilene and bonderweb it was then folded to produce each page and then each page and tags were embellished with lace, buttons, beads etc

This is the finished item and I must admit I am very pleased with it.




  1. These Tags Janet are stunning x

  2. Absolutely stunning Janet - beautiful

    Chrissy xXx