Sunday, 22 April 2012

Garden Overhaul

Been really busy this week so not had time for crafting, due to the puppy constantly churning up the lawn and eating every plant in sight we decided it was time to have the garden revamped.  Landscapers arrived on Wednesday and the heavens opened.  Despite the bad weather they have done a fantastic job making our outside space very low maintenance and dog friendly

Day 1 (through the conservatory window as it was lashing down)

Day 2 all the hardcore and slabbing done

End of Day 3 - fabulous result
Just need to get some plants in the tubs now for colour.

We are now off to the Lake District for a few days so Brandy has gone to my Mum & Dads to give the garden time to settle.


  1. It look great janet, low maintenance whickmeans more time for scrapping!!! :)

  2. ooooh fab, before, and after pics, I believe the dog likes rummaging in the new stones though!